The Kitchen Cabinet: Factors To Consider When Setting It Up

Getting the right kitchen cabinet is not a decision you should make lightly as the installation of a good and stylish cabinet will need time, effort and it comes at some financial cost.


For an elegant installation reflect on the following factors:

  1. Keeping Your Cabinet Open

You should take advantage of the vertical wall space with open shelves extending to the ceiling. The open shelves gives you the space to display your kitchenware while making everything easy to spot, retrieve or even put away. If the shelves are also acting as upper cabinets and you would to have open shelves, you can simply remove the doors then paint the cabinet interiors.


  1. Make the Cabinet Deep

A deep drawer is a safe harbour for pots and pans that are near the stovetop. You can also use such drawers to hold dishware. This can be done by adding a dish divider to keep your bowls, plates and saucers held securely in their position.

For efficiency purposes, ensure that the drawer has quality sliding hardware which can hold the weight of dishes.


  1. Shape Up the Sink Cabinet Zone

The  invasive plumbing pipes, the underside part of the sink cabinet and the hoses found inside it can be hard to deal with. To solve this problem, put up  a shelf made of wire that will fit besides or under the sink. This will help you make use of the available space. The wire bin units will slide out to make it easier to retrieve items at the back of the cabinet shelves.


To create more spaces for storage,  look for an equipment that can convert the false drawer fronts on the right side of the sink cabinet to bins that can tilt-out. These bins can be used to store cleaning equipments like scrubbers.

  1. Slim Down

If you have more space, try to install a turntable on one shelf which can spin bottles of oils and vinegars into easy view. Decant all other foods and spices into clear and labelled containers for easy stacking inside your cabinet.


Additional Tips

The above factors are of major importance and should be adhered to for good results. However you need to consider the following too:

  • Tidying up of the cabinet is necessary to keep order and save time on finding items.
  • You can convert a cabinet with dividers and create room to store cutting boards, cookie sheets and other items in an organized way.
  • You should make it convenient to recycle plastic bags and other items in the cabinet by providing a bin to stack them. This will help avoid a clutter in your cabinet.
  • Separate the stash of plastic into piles of containers and lids. Pile up containers on top of each other to create room for more containers.
  • Install all linen drawers behind a pair of cabinet doors to help make the most of the available storage.

Most of the kitchens have just one shelf which does not provide adequate space. Put up more shelves to construct more space for kitchen equipments. Arranging the lids will let you stack the pots inside each other thus giving you a chance of using another container to store the lids.